Outback Snack 135g

Outback Snack 135g

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Chunky pieces of slow dried Australian sweet potato that we mix in with all our raw beef meat and liver giving them a dark tone. We then take them into our drying rooms to slow dry over 96 hours until the beef juices have dried through and they are nice and crunchy making them a great solution for a natural dog treat that works when out and about or for training.

Our Outback Snack dog treats are suitable for most dogs however due to them being hard and crunchy we advise that they are best for dogs with a strong chewing capacity and for dogs that love to eat vegetables too.

Ingredients: Australian sweet potato, Australian beef meat & liver blood.
Nutritional Analysis: Moisture 10%, Crude Protein 8.2%, Crude Fat 3.7%, Crude Fibre 3.4%