Calm Gel Roll on 20ml

Calm Gel Roll on 20ml

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These are an age-specific formulation (version) of the Pain Relief Magnesium range. They contain a concentrate to suit the below age group.

To assist with: Irritability and Restlessness, Sleep, Supporting Bone Health, Increasing Magnesium Levels.

DIRECTIONS: 1. Tear off tab from base of box. 2. Remove a single wipe from the box, remove the outer sachet and rub into your baby's feet and lower legs. 

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Organically sourced Magnesium Chloride. DOSAGE: Use one wipe per day and gradually increase to two or three as required. External use only, do not swallow wipe (ingredients on the wipe are harmless to ingest). Formulated specifically for babies 3 months - 5 years.

MAGNESIUM CONTENT: Avg. 30mg elemental Magnesium per wipe.

SENSITIVE SKIN / MAGNESIUM DEFICIENT: Test on soles of feet first, if any reaction occurs apply to damp skin only for the first week of use. Check with your health professional before use if your baby has heart or renal conditions. Children and infants who are restless / unable to have prolonged and restful sleep.