All Vehicle Wash & Shine 4L

All Vehicle Wash & Shine 4L



All Vehicle Wash & Shine - multi Purpose Cleaning fluid – for Quick and easy cleaning your car, truck, bike, around the home,  anything with glass, plastic, metal, rubber or painted surface. Dirt just slides off. 


A genuinely new all-purpose cleaning product that has real advances and improvements to change the way you think about washing you car. truck, bike or boat. Fantastic for cleaning Windows at home, sliding doors, the exterior walls of your house and out-door furniture, …the list is endless.


Euca Show Time addresses the faults of those other washes, such as high alkalinity and other pollutants such as phosphates that all promote paint fading. Euca Show Time is low in alkaline and contains no phosphates.


The Team at Euca then added benefits to the formulation such as a rust inhibitor to protect all metal surfaces, plus a water-soluble wax with fluoro chemicals to give a residual shine and protective coating that also helps prevent re-soiling of all surfaces. Meaning that “just washed” look lasts even longer, and is perfect for dark finishes which are traditionally the hardest to keep clean.


The more times you use Show Time, the better the surface protection/treatment is. Over time you will find you won’t need to use cleaning tools at all, like brushes etc as the grime will wash straight off. Great for hard to reach spots around the home. Remember using brushes or spongers can scratch paintwork. Show Time Makes the job faster and easier. It’s amazing.


Dilute the mix to suit (recommended 1-part Show Time to 10 parts water) Spray it on the dry dirty surface using either a pump spray, hand held trigger spray, a pressure washer or simply a bucket and sponge. Leave it to do its work, (you can leave it on overnight if you want for an even better reaction) then simply wash it off with a hose or a high-pressure washer.


You can see the dirt being dislodged as you apply the mix, and then the final water rinse completely removes all the dirt and grime, leaving a glossy protected surface that stays cleaner longer. A neat trick is to apply Show Time before a long road journey on cars and trucks, or on motorbikes before a motocross / off road event. Makes cleaning super easy at the end and won’t harm the paint in the meantime.